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Our Logistics Manager: Benoit KOUASSI

Benoit KOUASSI is performing this role as Logistics Manager. "The year 2018 was an extraordinary year for me. I had been trained in accounting and I was hired at KORI Transport as an Accounting Assistant. Then the opportunity arose to manage a fleet of cars, to be part of the logistics circle. I took the chance and it has so far been a great decision." NOTE MARIANNE: FOCUS OP LOGISTICS

"Logistics at KORI Transport is a body in permanent motion. We are always confronted with situations of extreme urgency coming from our various customers. The objective of the Logistics department is to find a solution as quickly as possible to handle these cases."

"KORI Transport is an evolving company with committed and dynamic employees. It is the leading bulk gas transport company in Côte d'Ivoire, and in my opinion we should consider to go international."

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