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Our Driver of the month: BAZIE Frederic

We like to bring positive vibes and challenge to our teams. That's why we celebrate the outstanding driver of the month. Our winner in August 2020 is Frederic BAZIE! He managed to get 39 points out of 40 in August, which is a great achievement!



Could you please introduce yourself and describe how you ended up at KORI Transport?
"My name is BAZIE Frederic. I am employed at KORI Transport as a Driver. I like travelling, I transportation and driving. That's why I joined KORI in 2006 as a Driver Assistant. It took me years to reach the level of professionalism required to be a Driver at KORI. It wasn't until 2014 that I was promoted to Professional Driver and this has been one of my greatest pride and professional achievements!"

What do you like about working at KORI and how would you describe your job?
"In the job of Driver, we are faced with many difficulties, gas requires great discipline, vigilance and respect for safety instructions. We make deliveries all over the national territory and we are the first gas transport company certified ISO 9001 v 2015 in Ivory Coast."

"We received the title of leader in our field over time, thanks to our professionalism and all the seriousness that we put into our work. At the very beginning we had only one marker but we now came to the point that we work with all the big gas customers in Ivory Coast."

What do you think of the management of KORI?
"The management puts a strong emphasis on safety and has instituted safety meetings every monday in the garage for the workers. This is a great approach. It also emphasizes the training of the personnel for the risks of the job and the knowledge of the transported product."

Could you tell us a nice anecdote about your work at KORI Transport ?

"During a delivery to a remote site in the interior of the country, road damage affected pipes on the unloading system. As a result, there was a major product leak during the delivery in the plant and all the plant personnel panicked and fled."


"The Driver Assistant and me put into practice the techniques we were taught and we regularized the situation in record time. We were then congratulated by everyone and we were proud of ourselves. We were also proud to have proven once again the professionalism of KORI’s Drivers. I am so happy and grateful to have been trained by KORI Transport."

Congratulations, Frederic!

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